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London 24-28 Dec Employee Engagement: Boosting Productivity and Retention
Dubai 14-18 October Career Development and Succession Planning
Istanbul 01-05 Dec Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances and Discipline
Jeddah 07-11 July Training Needs Analysis for Supervisors and Managers
Dubai 17-21 Nov Human Resources Management Skills
Dubai 15-19 Sep Basics of Human Resources Management for Non Human Resources Managers
Vienne 30 Dec- 03 Jan Principles of Human Resources for Non Human Resources Managers
Casablanca 21-25 July Training Needs Analysis Techniques
Kula Lumpur 24-28 Nov Motivation and Job Design
Kuwait 29 Sep – 03 Oct Basics of Human Resources Management
London 28Dec-1jan Train the Trainer (How to Become Influential)
Dubai 27-31 Oct Training Needs Identification
Manama 18-22 Aug Human Resources Management Skills
Dammam 10-14 Nov Human Resources Management In the 21st Century
Jeddah 07-11 July Human Resources Development Techniques