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الأكاديمية الامريكية لإدارة المشاريع®- AAPM ® American Academy of Project Management ® USA

The AAPM ® was founded in 1996, via a consolidation between the CEC/PME Project Manager E-Business Committee (PME) and the Founders Advisory Committee of the Original Chartered Condor Falcon Graduate Institute of Leadership Development ™. Although our vision, origins and founding philosophy go back to the government management standards and protocols in the USA from 1940s, the AAPM ® and IPMC is newer in its present formation due to the changes in leadership and governmental management standards. The AAPM was originally established in as a professional organization for graduate students, IT Managers, Government Employees, Military Officers, and Analysts. The Condor Falcon Management Institute was founded to examine strategic leadership and planning issues for graduates professionals and leaders and to award the leadership, project management and consulting awards and designations. The AAPM ® Graduate Board currently recognizes over 12,000 Executive Project Managers, PhDs, Masters Degree Holders, government officials, and consultants as executive members in over 141 nations. As there had not been a graduate professional project manager organization specifically for Executives, MBAs, PhDs and accredited degree holders, The AAPM ™ has met this need and become the organization of choice for highly educated individuals or industry experts because AAPM requires an accredited college degree or graduate equivalent for membership and certification. The AAPM receives its license, sanction and authority from the Charter and Bylaws of The IPMC International Project Management Commission.


الأكاديمية العالمية للإدارة والمالية ® - GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ®

The GAFM ® is the only chartered professional body based in the USA that promotes the highest business accredited standards and excellence. We sanction the top accredited masters and doctorate degree programs worldwide as a path to membership and certification SINCE 1996 - The First Graduate Financial Professional Designation Programs -The Academy is the first global society to integrate certification, accredited education and exams as a direct path to achieving finance and management certification. In this competitive world, accredited education and certification is becoming required to achieve the top jobs. The Accreditations and Designations - The GAFM ® offers 3 key certifications in financial analysis, management accounting and management consulting. These 3 certification areas are the largest and most demanded designations in the world. AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®, AMA Accredited Management Accountant ® and MMC Master Management Consultant ®.