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London 30 Dec- 03 Jan Accounting in Industry of Oil Companies
Riyadh 07-11 July Accounting in Electronic Government
Istanbul 23 - 27 Nov Accounting for Non-Accountants
Dubai 01-05 Sep Accounting for Managers
Kuwait 29 Dec- 02 Jan Accounting Cycle : Balance Sheet and Income Statements
London 15-19 July Accounting and Finance for the Oil and Gas Industry
Jeddah 10-14 Nov Accountancy Practices Using Computer
Dubai 29 Dec- 02 Jan Accountancy Information and Managerial Problems Diagnosis
Kula Lumpur 25-29 Aug Accountancy and Financial Problems in Electricity Industry
Dubai 01-05 June Strategic & Financial Planning
Istanbul 11-15 Aug Business & Financial Modeling using Excel®
Dubai 03-07 Nov The A2Z of Financial Management
Riyadh 29 Dec- 02 Jan Finance & Accounting for the Oil & Gas Industry
Istanbul 11-15 Aug Advanced Cost Accounting
Dubai 29 Dec- 02 Jan International Financial Management