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Dubai 30 Jan - 03 Feb Managing Self and Leading Others(From A-z)
Paris 19-23 Dec Developing Transformational Leadership
Paris 19-23 Nov Developing Transformational Leadership
Amman 14-18 Nov Transformational Leadership: How to Get Ahead in Healthcare Leadership and Management
London 13-17 Jan Middle Management Development Program
Dubai 05-09 Jan Help Desk Manager
Istanbul 15-19 Mar Employee Dispute Resolution - Mediation through Peer
Dubai 26-30 Jan Corporate governance development
Istanbul 14-18 Nov Corporate governance development
Kula lumpur 29 April - 03 May Management Skills for employees
Dubai 22-26 April CIPM ® Certified International Project Manager
London 04-08 Nov Creating Team Work Spirit
Dammam 07-11 July Contracts: Reading, Writing and Negotiating
Istanbul 15-19 Dec Contract Management for Sales and Marketing Staff
Dubai 25-29 Aug Contract Management for Administrators