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Istanbul 15-19 Sep Certified Contracts Professional: Contract Planning, Strategy & Claims Mitigation
Dubai 29 Dec- 02 Jan Project Management: Competencies and Structure
Manama 11-15 Aug Contract Law for Business
Kula Lumpur 27-31 Oct Best Practices in Managing Construction Projects
Dubai 08-12 Dec Advanced Project Management
Istanbul 21-25 July Contract Writing, Planning & Management
Kula Lumpur 29 Dec- 02 Jan Project Planning, Scheduling & Control
Jeddah 22-26 Sep Contracts Administration: From Award to Completion
Kula Lumpur 22-26 Dec Advanced Contracts & Project Management
Dubai 07-11 July Advanced Contracts Management
Munech 23-27 Dec Contract Management & Tendering
Doha 01-05 Sep The Project Professional MBA
Istanbul 29 Dec- 02 Jan Delivering Business Strategies through Projects, Programmes, Portfolios and PMOs
Dubai 18-22 Aug The Contracts & Project Management MBA
Kula Lumpur 15-19 Dec Technical Project Management
London 12-16 Aug Site Management & Supervision - Advanced Techniques
Jeddah 20-24 Oct Planning, Organising & Controlling Projects
Kula Lumpur 25-29 Aug Operational Leadership
London 08 - 12 May Mastering Project Management
Beirut 06-10 Oct Mastering Contracts Management - The Oxford 5-day MBA