CIPM ® Certified International Project Manager

CIPM ® Certified International Project Manager
Management and Leadership
22-26 April
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3500 $

Who should attend?

· Managers

· Executives

· Project Managers

· Program Managers

· PMO Managers and Directors

· Training and Development Managers

· Operations Directors

· Executive Directors

· Research and Development Officers

· Team Leaders and HR Personnel

· Senior Analysts

· Management Consultants

· and Other Contractors




During this intensive course you will examine the delivery cycles that are routinely encountered in business today, discover tools and techniques that aid in managing the results of various categories of project structures and learn how to develop effective strategies to manage these projects.





Module 1:


Operational Risks And Operations Management Project Management (PM) Overview

• What is PM?

• Why projects go wrong

The „Technical‟ Stuff – Part One

• Project goals and kickoff

• Project life cycle

• Project methodology

• Planning and scheduling


Module 2:


The „Technical‟ Stuff – Part Two

• Work breakdown structure

• Estimating and scheduling resources

• Floats and critical paths

• Scheduling methods (GANTT and PERT)

• Defining the project team

• Tracking project activities

• Closing out projects


Module 3:

Commitment-Based Project Management

• What is CBPM?

• Translating project goals into „personal commitments‟ PM Software

• Introduction to common PM software Documentation, Reporting, Risks And Scope

• Risk management

• Scope management

• Reporting and communication

• Project audit/review

• Post-implementation reviews


Module 4:


It’s All About People

• Project managers role

• Project leadership and management

• Defining the project team

• Generating „buy-in‟

• Personality profiling

• Running effective project meetings

• Communications


Module 5:


Practical Assessment Exercises The final Module encompasses learning from the four previous days into a workshop learning model, along with the introduction of specific tools, simulations and case studies.