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Dubai 01-03 Nov Cold calling training for professional Sales
London 24 May - 04 June Powerful Negotiation for Successful purchasing ( BNSP)
UK 22-27 Nov Powerful Negotiation for Successful purchasing ( BNSP)
Istanbul 29 Sep – 03 Oct Managing a Sales Team
Jeddah 18-22 Aug E-Marketing and E-Commerce
Doha 29 Dec- 02 Jan Magical Selling (Appointment, Presentation, Needs Analysis, Offers, Selling)
Istanbul 11-15 Aug Writing Strategic Sales Plan
Dubai 06-10 Oct Effective Sales Meetings and Negotiation Skills
Muscat 15-19 Sep Targeted Marketing and Selling Techniques
cairo 25-29 Aug Etiquettes, Protocols and Hospitality
Kula Lumpur 27-31 Oct Product Pricing and Launching
Riyadh 29 Dec- 02 Jan Tele-Marketing Techniques
Istanbul 07-11 July Win-Win Sales Negotiations and Persuasion using NLP
Dubai 08-12 Dec Strategic Marketing Techniques
Munech 16-20 Sep Market Research and Analysis